Absolut-e BizStats Partner Program

Absolut-e BizStats collaborates with its partners to ensure the success of our customers' business intelligence initiatives. We make significant commitments to each other, including investments in joint development, technical implementation, training as well as sales and marketing enablement programs. Through our joint efforts, customers are able to minimize their risk and maximize the return on their business intelligence related projects. To Learn More Contact Us

Companies around the world hunger for Search based with voice, affordable, dynamics, and simple business intelligence solutions that everyone can use. When you join with our community, you will be part of an innovative group that puts its customers ahead of the technology. Our solution with Bizstats provides implementation support, value-added services or work with our Business Consultants and System Integrators partner for implementation.

Program for Solution Providers

Our Partner Program is simple and easy to join, with great benefits and without the multiple levels and complicated requirements that is offered by other partnership programs. Once you become a partner, we provide you with everything necessary to market and sell BizStats.

  1. Market, sell, support and develop solutions based on BizStats to help meet customer demands
  2. Drive new revenue sources
  3. Enjoy a rapid sales cycle, rapid application development using the BizStats environment.
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction
  5. Fast track to more revenue
  6. Accelerate time to value.  To Learn More Contact Us

Program For OME (Original Manufacturer Equipment)

It is simple and easy to join, with valuable benefits to support your business model without the complicated requirements that is offered by other partnership programs. Our business-friendly, flexible licensing models allow you to bundle, add-on and host BizStats technology in or with your solutions and services. Plus, we support everything from on-site installations to “Software as a Service” (SaaS) delivery models.

  1. We provide a technology solution. 
  2. Right for you through our extensive, proven, and mature solution.
  3. We offer integration to a large number of data sources. 
  4. Rapid application development using the BizStats environment.
  5. Optimize performance. To Learn More Contact Us

Technology Partners

The value and speed to implementation of business intelligence projects is greatly enhanced if the chosen best products work together seamlessly. Our teams with Technology Partners optimize communication of our products to streamline deployments and enhance performance. Through our Technology Partner program, we strive to ensure that our customers can easily implement BizStats in conjunction with other chosen corporate technology standards. Our Technology partners include a wide range of leading technology companies such as database management and analytics engines, other business application providers, data integration and development tools, hardware platform providers’, specialized software vendors and others, and to find best fit to complement the Bizstats BI Platform.

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