Business Case

Sudden increase in customer service calls to disconnect service

One fine day, a leading mobile network company noticed a sudden increase in disconnect request calls from its customers which resulted in increased churn rate. The very next day, its VP looked at the analytics and got shocked with the churn rate impact. On further analysis, he discovered one of the competitor introduced a new service plan which lead to increase in churn rate. This situation could have been handled better, if critical information was available to the decision authority (VP) on time via data driven notifications. With information on hand, VP could have setup counter offers as part of automated decision system.Real time KPI standings would have helped VP to act fast by providing counter offers through customer support agents

On further investigation, it revealed the following:

  1. Late arrival of the competitor’s pricing plans and service offers
  2. Critical KPI was available to VP with 12 hours latency because of the data flow frequency from customer support system to analytics
  3. Social media analysis was missing
  4. Quicker turnaround time for providing necessary information would have minimized the impact
  5. Current data warehouse system, need 12-24 hours lead time to process all the information and generate KPI standings


Top management decided to make its data warehouse solution near real time and incorporate social media data with analysis.IT department’s project plan to implement proposed solution requires more time (at-least 6 months), more resource, more money and more infrastructure. It also need new set of skills to implement the big data solution.

Absolut-e API Solutions

This is the perfect business case to utilize Absolut-e APIs and KPIs solution.

KPI’s Involved

  • Increase/Decrease in call volume
  • Incoming calls change rate
  • % of call type (billing, inquiry, disconnect request, technical support)
  • Increase/Decrease - churn rate

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